About the icons

Icons are, within the Christian and Byzantine tradition, a representations of sacred events or of a sacred individual used as an object of veneration or as a reminder of the importance of devotion and inner spiritual life. A deficit in the modern world, I believe. There is so much to dig into and discover within the rich imagery world of icons and Christian art. I also believe we all are capable of spreading the divine light on earth and that we all are potential angels and holy persons. 

Among the sources, images and texts, of the traditional icon motives there are layers by layers to discover and connect to our modern lives here and now. I enjoy studying the vast imagery world of Christian art, bort East and West traditions, and render them into my own version of icons depicting everyday people, animals and flowers but also Christ, Mary, the disciples and angels.

Bear in mind that we all can be reflectors of the holy, of hope and of light. That is what I want to mediate with my images and icons.

About Hoppa hage

Hoppa hage is a part of Anna Björnström Form AB and all the images are made by me, Anna Björnström. I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Gustavsberg, situated in the archipelago of Stockholm. I have my studio in the old porcelain factory in  the harbor of Gustavsberg. I make books on behalf of publishers as Sanoma, Ekerlids and Verbum and also photo and illustrations for books and publications. Hoppa hage is the part of my freelance occupation in which I paint my own images and do carvings in wood. I am a part of the studio association ”Ateljéföreningen G-studion” including around 100 visual and crafts artists the association.